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The FREEDOM Process℠

The FREEDOM Process℠ is our unique approach to planning, smart financial decision-making, and implementing evidence-based investment principles for our clients. Our process is designed to guide our work together as we aim to forge a path of financial freedom that is uniquely tailored to your values, aspirations, and life journey. We develop a deep understanding of your short-term needs and long-term goals.


The first step is anchored in the belief that a personalized, client-centric approach is the cornerstone of successful financial planning. This step goes beyond numbers and delves into the human element. Understanding your values, aspirations, family dynamics, lifestyle preferences, and concerns allows us to build a financial plan that truly resonates with who you are and what matters most to you.


The philosophy behind this step is that effective financial planning is rooted in a comprehensive and objective understanding of your current financial landscape. We’ll begin analyzing relevant data including your current risk tolerance, asset allocation, account holdings, balance sheet, cash flow needs and more.


We will present to you a detailed financial and investment plan outlining our recommendations. This step is about empowering you with information and demonstrating how these strategies are aligned with your values and goals. It’s about transforming insights and data into actionable steps.


When you’re comfortable and ready, we’ll begin your onboarding, explain our investment process and methodology ensuring that you are an informed and active participant in your financial journey. Our collaborative approach ensures your voice is at the center while setting your plan into motion. 


We’ll continuously monitor your financial situation. Financial planning is not a static, one-time event, but rather a dynamic and evolving process. Measuring progress and evaluating any major market or life changes that could affect your progress is about adaptive stewardship.

The Greater Objective: Unlocking the Power of Legacy Capital

As financial independence becomes a reality, the focus often shifts from accumulating wealth to leaving a lasting legacy. Legacy capital transcends mere monetary value, embodying the impact and influence one leaves behind. It encompasses not only financial assets but also intangible assets such as values, wisdom, and philanthropy.

Investing in legacy capital means strategically allocating resources to create a positive and enduring impact on future generations and society at large. Whether through charitable endeavors, mentorship programs, family dynamics or sustainable investing, legacy capital empowers individuals to shape a better world long after they're gone.


By nurturing and growing legacy capital alongside financial wealth, one can leave a profound mark on the world, ensuring that their influence extends far beyond their lifetime. It's the ultimate testament to a life well-lived and a legacy that continues to inspire and benefit others.

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