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Case Studies

Our clients are successful and intelligent but desire to delegate the details and implementation of their wealth plan to specialists. Here are some examples of how we serve our clients.

Alejandro & Cristina

39 and 36 years old – Wealth accumulation, early career

Objectives: Evaluate their financial situation, define objectives, establish specific goals and action plans to achieve early retirement.

Alejandro and Cristina are both doctors who recently started their private nephrology practice. They have been married for 3 years and have a 1-year-old child. They bought their first home three years ago. They have $250k outstanding student loans together.

They started saving for their financial independence through individual retirement accounts and a certificate of deposit. But they did not feel comfortable this will be enough.

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Emma & Lucas

62 and 67 years old – Retirement and Wealth Distribution

Objectives: Establish the most efficient way to distribute their wealth accumulated through Lucas’s employer retirement plan to cover their financial needs for a life expectancy of 90 years.

Lucas is an engineer, retiring after 30 years of employment. Emma has been a housewife who took care of three kids: now financially independent professionals. Throughout Lucas’s career, he made sure to save in his employer-sponsored 401k. Now, he needs to decide how to access those savings, considering income tax implications and their life expectancy. They are both in good health.

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